Making a silk scarf is easy and fun

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three-hour experience

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“I can’t draw a stick figure. If I can learn to paint anybody can. Gina made silk painting easy.”
Janet, Massachusetts
“The girls from the office got together and we came out to paint. It was SO much fun. Very relaxing – a good time with friends.”
Suzanne, Alaska
“Now that my daughter is grown we don’t get to spend as much time together. When I suggested Alaska Art Experience for a mother-daughter date she was excited. We had a wonderful time painting together.”
Anna, Alaska
“I showed the scarf to my daughter who instantly claimed it! Guess I have to go back to Alaska and paint another!”
Vicki, Texas
“Can I get the recipe for the potato soup?”
Shari, Minnesota
“While the men went fishing, we did art. They got skunked but we came home with a scarf!”
Alicia, New York
“My Mum was looking for something not too strenuous on her trip to Alaska. The Art Experience was perfect. She really enjoyed herself.”
Cecile, England
“I wore the scarf home on the plane. When I got home I hung it on the wall in the living room. I get so many compliments and it gives me a chance to tell my friends about my trip to Alaska.”
Kelly, Virginia
“Painting by the creek under the Midnight Sun was magical. Thank you!”
Gail, California
“I met a nice woman from Toronto and we became friends. The relaxed pace and the meal time gives you a chance to meet people from around the world.”
Audrey, Australia